Coach Bill Meartz

A native of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, Bill Meartz started boxing at the age of twelve. Five years after moving to Portland in 1974, he started the West Portland Boxing Team. Bill attained 4th level (elite) coaching status in USA Boxing and coached numerous US national teams, including team matches against Ireland, Canada, Mexico, France, Argentina, Korea, Russia, The 97 Ali Cup, and the U-19 World Championships. Coach Bill served on several USA Boxing committees, was involved with numerous US Olympic boxing training camps, and was a boxing official at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta.

When Coach Bill retired from coaching in 2006 he turned the West Portland Boxing gym over to Coach Jason Marquoit.

Highlights from Coach Bill's career include ...


Started West Portland Boxing Team


Ringside Products, Board of Advisors. Coach, Alcomers Camp, U.S. Olympic Education Center, Marquette, MI.


Team Leader for the USA National Team vs. Ireland. Coach, Alcomers Camp, U.S. Olympic Training Center, Lake Placid, NY.


Coach, Elite Boxers Training Camp, JO, U.S. Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs, CO.


Team Leader for USA vs. Ireland and Canada, Escanaba, MI. Elected President of Oregon Association, USA Boxing, Inc. for two terms of two year each.


Coach, USA vs. Korea, Gladstone, MI.


Official, Olympic Games, Atlanta, GA. Head Coach, USA vs. Argentina, Houston, TX.


Coach, Elite Training Camp, U.S. Olympic Education Center, Marquette, MI. Coach, Ali Cup, Louisville, KY. Head Coach, USA vs. France, Tahiti.


Coach, USA vs. Mexico, Pueblo, CO. Head Coach, Under 19 World Championships, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Coach, USA vs. Russia, Foxwood, CT. Vice Chairman, National Under 19 Committee Regional Coordinator, Pacific Northwest. Secretary, National Coaches Committee Member, National Safety Education Committee USA Boxing Coaches Clinician.


Head Coach, USA vs. England, London, England. Team Leader/Coach, U.S. Olympic Trials, Tampa, FL.


Coach, Pan American Training Camp, Camp Lejeune, NC.


Coach, Women's World Championships, Antalya, Turkey.


Head Coach, USA vs. Canada, Regina, Saskatchewan. President Oregon Association USA Boxing, Inc. Coach, Sweden Box Cup - Stockholm (10 gold medals). Nominated for USA Boxing Coach of the Year.


Elected Vice President, USA Boxing, Inc.


Coach, Jose Cheo Aponte Tournament, Puerto Rico.