Covid Precautions

After our “two week break” turned into a year and a half, we’re back in the gym. Things aren’t business as usual, however, so please read this ENTIRE message.

The Garden Home Recreation Center is on Washington County’s “watch list.” As such, we’ll be subjected to strict scrutiny, and if we’re found to be in violation of the state, county, or recreation district rules, we won’t be permitted to remain open. We can expect random inspections and compliance checks, so compliance with the rules listed below is mandatory. Anyone in violation of the requirements jeopardizes everyone’s use of the facility. As such, if anyone repeatedly fails to follow the rules, they won’t be permitted to remain in the gym.

Rule #1: The THPRD Recreation District will NOT ALLOW ANYONE OTHER THAN ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS IN THE SPORT in the facility. That means ONLY BOXERS will be allowed. NO parents, siblings, or other spectators will be allowed in the gym. Parents need to drop their children off, and return at the end of the session to pick them up. I expect this to be a point of emphasis with the inspectors. If a parent needs to sign their child up or pay dues, etc. they can stop in briefly, but will need to leave afterward.

Many parents like to stick around and watch, but until things are back to normal, that’s not possible. If we follow the rules, you’ll be able to watch your child compete in events again before you know it.

Rule #2: Masks MUST be worn inside the gym whenever a boxer is not actively working out. For example, if they take a break or are waiting for a bag to open up, they have to wear a mask. Again, I expect the inspectors to be looking for violations of the mask requirement.

Rule #3: Everyone in the gym needs to maintain at least three feet of distance whenever possible. Obviously, that won’t apply to sparring but does apply to jumping rope, shadow-boxing, calisthenics, and similar activities.

Rule #4: Anyone who wants water has to bring their own bottle. We will not be sharing bottles. The water cooler will no longer be available.

Our being back in the building is a privilege, and we must work together to reopen and remain open.

The first team workout will be Wednesday, September 8th. Our usual time of 6 to 8 PM will need to be shortened by a few minutes, as the building now closes at 8 PM. We need to have everyone out of the building before 8:00 so the staff can lock up and go home to their families. One thing we need to try to emphasize is being courteous to the staff, as they’re the ones who’ll be seeing us the most and reporting on how we’re using the facility.

I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Jason Marquoit, Head Coach

There are a few additional precautions for the morning fitness class:

  1. Enter and leave by the back door. The front door to the gym will be kept locked during the morning session.
  2. Proof of covid vaccination will be required.
  3. Masks must be worn at all times.

The evening fitness class follows the general Covid guidelines and rules listed above, but not these additional precautions.